Press Programm @htvd19

Facts and figures about this years’ attending ventures, investors and the high-tech start-up ecosystem.


Dialogue partner:

Jörg Schüler


HighTech Startbahn

Thomas Schulz

Head of Operations

HighTech Startbahn

Take part in our guided tour of the venture exhibition and talk to the attending innovators from all over Europe.

“Prosper and grow tech-incorporator! About tots and knots in European spots.”


Bettina Voßberg 

Chairwoman of the board

HighTech Startbahn

Silvia Grätz

Head of Business Development

HighTech Startbahn

Take the chance and talk to the 40 Ventures at their booth as well as to the participating international investors.

#htvd19 europes 40 best


Startups & COVID

Annemarie Weder

Telephone:   +49 (0) 152 226 404 92
E-Mail:  weder[at]

Investors & Partners

Alexander Tietze

Telephone:   +49 (0) 172 354 496 4
E-Mail:  tietze[at]

Event & Press

Thomas Schulz

Telephone:  +49 (0) 176 629 570 27
E-Mail:  schulz[at]

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