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some observations since 2013

The pan European HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS (HTVD) Program is working

Our global investor community keeps on growing and the participants’ diversity continues to increase as well. The most innovative startups and growth ventures from 31 countries applied for participation in this year’s program. 15% of the ventures participating fostered their successful funding and business partnerships here. On average, 8 out of the 40 companies meet the requirements of our investors community. Each year, Investors enjoy more and more meeting likeminded investing people and organizations at our annual gathering in October.

Innovation Hotbed Europe – A wild teenager in its growth phase!

In 2016, there were globally 16 new unicorns and 7 of them are based in Europe. The number of VC funds grew from 30 to 100 new funds per year. And, Europe provides outstanding opportunities to create attractive returns for global investors: between 2014 and 2016, Europe counted 565 venture-backed exits totaling €90 billion in value. In 2016 alone, over 150 U.S. VC investors found their portfolio companies in Europe.

2017: A great year for European tech

Large funding rounds, an increasing diversification and a high number of collaboration activities with traditional industries have shaped Europe’s ecosystem in 2017. Europe offers great conditions to create the next generation of the most valuable companies: it attracts talented people looking for internationalization, grows ventures with a superb capital efficiency and at the same time entertains a growing European investor community.

CVC investments and Business Angels at a record high

In 2016, Angel investments grew to 6,7bn €, resulting in a growth of 8,2% from 2015. That corresponds to 67% of all early stage investments in Europe. Corporate Venture Capital was very strong in H1 2017 with an increase of 12% compared to H2/2016 with 798 deals, mainly pushed by American corporates. In terms of the amount invested, the number went up to 11,2bn €, an increase of 8%.

And the winner is: France!

In 2016, the French startup ecosystem took off: investments in seed funding tripled and early stage funding doubled, causing France to rank second, right after the UK. French companies also made 34% more acquisitions in 2016. France is expected to continue to gain even more momentum on the radar of investors. Despite or due to the election outcome, the year 2017 has shown optimism. Exemplary!

Competitive through quality and skill

Europe’s future lies in competing at the cutting edges of research with high quality and highly skilled people. Our competitive advantage lays in our talents with excellent brains! Especially in the tremendously growing high-tech B2B-businesses, intelligence and knowledge are bundled in smart people.
HTVD’s mission to ACTIVATE VENTURE CAPITAL FOR EUROPEAN INNOVATION supports ventures in gaining access to international specialists and keeping the best brains in Europe.

All together now!

All actors within the European innovation ecosystem need to be aware of the importance of startups for the regional economic power and therefore should work closely together even more. Society plays a decisive role in shaping a founder-friendly startup culture in Europe. Intensive entrepreneurship education and training, as well as bringing European hubs closer together, will provide a long-term opportunity to market our joint competence more actively. It will also keep Europe innovative and the fear of “the Asian Hordes” at bay.

Challenges remain

A manifested trend towards faster fundraising would support evidence of an improvement in capital sourcing. BAs, VCs, CVCs, FOs, investing SME and Governments need to continue to improve the funding environment and close funding gaps faster. At a time when shortage of skilled labor hovers across strong economies, unlocking female entrepreneurial and investment powers is necessary. Many challenges and opportunities to shape the world as we go along remain. What a wonderful reason to meet again soon, in October, at the HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS 2018.

Check out the lead article of the HTVD magazine 2018 for more

What we do to strengthen invention based venturing in Europe


… fast access to urgently needed capital for promising high-tech ventures


… tech-ventures and innovators with strategic partners


… international visibility for European Hightech-Ecosystems

The Team behind the scenes

The HighTech Startbahn supports young companies from the high-tech sector in developing and expanding their business by actively arranging contacts with investors, mentors, industrial partners and service providers. In addition to event formats that facilitate the mutual exchange of experiences, the focal points of work are the establishment of a lively start-up scene, coaching and consulting, as well as fundraising, company building and corporate growth of these high-tech companies. Investors and industrial companies are supported by CVC Services, Scouting, Screening and Project Development in Portfolio Building and Innovation Management.



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